Greens - Vitality and Joy - Venus 

Blue Green - Intuition - Neptune 

Purples - Creative Intuition - Uranus 

Light & Color

​Just like sounds, colors have measurable frequencies. Both have physical, measurable vibrations: subtler, energetic, sensorial frequencies. Colors are perceived by the eye (retina), which conducts the visual impressions through nerve signals to the brain at an unbelievable speed, recognizing, calculating, and responding through the senses, as pleasant or not. These sensations perceptions evoke deep rooted emotions and thoughts.

In the creative coaching journey with my clients, I have experienced how color defines and influences moods and emotions a process most of us are unaware as it happens. Beyond the psychological effects of light on mood, the deeper meaning of light as a manifestation of cosmic consciousness helps us comprehend its higher transcendental dimension: the life-bearing conscious influence of light over all life, humans, animals, and nature.  

As we explore the visual impact and sensations that colors evoke, self-inquiry gradually reveals the deeper meaning of our own internal metaphors. Working with color in coaching, together with creative visualizations and yoga, reveals powerful clues to our subconscious, there where all patterns of thought, habits, and latent emotions are stored and surge from. Fundamentally, while we perceive colors in an intuitive, non-linear, holistic approach, we learn to interpret the symbolical language of our own subconscious mind, the same language that manifests through our dreams. By developing this awareness, we learn to harness the positive, harmonizing, and healing effect of light and colors, to benefit both physically, and mentally. All the answers are within. As we witness ourself going beyond the mire of thoughts created by the mind, we learn to see ourselves in the revealing magnificence of being pure light filtering through matter.

In a series of oil paintings exhibited at the "Art In Space”, Switzerland, I worked with the archetypes and symbolisms of the subconscious mind through visualization of forms and colors, composing portrays captured with modern aura photography technology, that match the paintings that were the result of internal creative processes experienced through meditation.