• FIND your Purpose in Life  
  • Make optimal career choices
  • Create a vibrant and healthy body
  • To hold you accountable for your commitments and decisions
  • To ‘bounce’ ideas off someone 
  • Relationship issues, Infidelity, and Break-ups 
  • ​You need direction, not 'therapy' 
  • Questions you can’t or won’t ask friends 
  • Dealing with domestic violenceand don't know who to ask for help
  • Having erred in the past, you want to choose the right path 
  • You want someone to ask you the hard questions in life
  • You need an unbiased Mediator to help resolve conflicts and disputes
  • Face the unknown with confidence and clarity
  • Align your life with your core values
  • Deepen your connection to Spirit

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Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you ... on what you want in your life, and what will help you achieve it ... Think of a relationship with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth ... this coaching relationship is one of trust, confidentiality, and safety.

Coaching advocates for the client, the client’s agenda, objectives, and core values, which are paramount. Transformation, in ourselves, or the teams, organizations, and companies we lead, it is ultimately all about relationships. 

Co-active Coaching inspires people to feel engaged in, and passionate about their life and work; to see the good, get curious, create interactions unlike any other, become a visionary, feel more alive, connect deeply to others, give real meaning and purpose to your life, think much bigger, become great leaders, and make a difference. 

​​In our coaching sessions, you get personalized support around your life, and professional goals.  Through a variety of creative tools and healing doses of humor, you will feel heard, understood, and fully supported. You will discover and be inspired by your own natural, inner creative resourcefulness, feeling more integrated, and aligned with your core values. 

Change is not the same as Transformation, but it's a good start! :-) In order to achieve best results, a period of three to six months of Coaching shows the best results. You are the one who decides at what pace you want to work.

The International Coaching Federation ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize you personal and professional potential. Coaching honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole.
As a Professional Certified Co-Active Coach, I follow the ICF's Code of Ethics.

Let’s form a Team together. Let’s create that illuminated space you need to reflect and understand yourself, and re-discover what it is you really want. What you need to do in order to get things done. We will explore the areas in your life where you feel stuck, or in crisis, and through a designed alliance and partnership with you, we will get you moving again: with ignited clarity, towards well defined goals, and inspired ways to shift awareness that are lasting and fulfilling. You will find focus and balance, you will set clear intentions and see them through.

As your Coach I am here for you, to make sure you are successful in your efforts!