"Lucid Yogi is the best coaching studio in Richmond. The integrated approach of traditional yoga and meditation in a small class setting is a wonderful and powerful learning experience for the beginning or advanced student of yoga. Claudine Varesi is a superb Coach who is thoughtful, mindful, and challenging in her gentle approach to showing her clients how to open themselves to the possibilities present in the experience of conscious awareness in breathing, movement and relaxation exercises. Yoga combined with personal Coaching is truly complimentary and transformative work as each of the practices richly complement the intention and practice of the other. Working with Claudine in both coaching and yoga while recuperating from an auto accident was an enormously energizing gift to my healing process. I cannot thank her enough for her generosity of spirit and the gift of the knowledge and wisdom she shares."

 -Brian Grogan

"After months of feeling like my professional life was stagnant and lacking purpose, I knew something had to change. Fortunately, in the midst of my search for answers, Claudine opened her yoga and transformational life coaching studio just down the street. I immediately began working with Claudine to address some of my concerns.  While I had limited experience practicing yoga, Claudine suggested it was an integral part to the coaching.  After attending only a few classes, I quickly realized why. I was amazed to discover the deep interconnectedness of mind and body. Rediscovering my purpose and path was not only a mental exercise, but also a physical endeavor.  Claudine has been instrumental in guiding me to a place where I am able to reframe issues and reevaluate my priorities from a fresh perspective. She has helped me re-establish a sense of purpose by developing unity between my mental state and my physical being. Through Claudine’s coaching sessions and yoga classes, I have achieved a greater inner clarity and a stronger sense of self. I highly recommend Lucid Yogi yoga classes, taught by Claudine as well as several other extremely gifted instructors, to anyone who wants to cultivate a better relationship with his/her body. I further recommend Claudine’s transformational life coach services to those interested in a holistic, comprehensive approach to self-healing and self-discovery. Namaste!"

"Lucid Yogi is a wonderful addition to Richmond! Claudine has created a beautiful space for students of all levels to explore coaching, meditation and the study of yoga. The instructors provide an extensive level of detail to their students that I have not encountered at other studios. I would encourage new and experienced students to practice at Lucid Yogi. Come to see for yourselves the warmth of the yoga community that has emerged in the heart of the Fan!"

"I have found Claudine Varesi to be an extraordinarily caring, intuitive, and heartfelt life coach.  She is multi-lingual, and has access to a wide range of therapies and modalities.  She has enriched my life in countless ways through her peerless intent to heal, and she is dogged in continuing to work until a solution is found.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."​ Sincerely,
-Alwyn L'hoir
Blue Moon Perfume

"I, as a not so new yogi, have found my yoga home at Lucid Yogi in Richmond.  It is conveniently located only four blocks from my apartment. The class sizes are never too large nor have I ever felt judged or uncomfortable.  The space is phenomenal with comfortable lighting for the day and night classes, warm temperature to make you sweat, and no mirrors which helps me to focus on how I feel rather than how I look. You can hear some outside noise, but yoga is about blocking all that out, right? ;) 

"The instructor Claudine is awesome. She listens to everything you have to say and really challenges you to get a greater meaning out of yoga, beyond the asanas. She takes great interest in her students and makes a great effort to make us feel comfortable with her and with each other. I have also attended her meditation class which I highly recommend to anyone, whether they have zero experience with meditation or have an established mediation practice. She answered all of my questions and provides a great wealth of knowledge. 

FYI: After my first class, I was a little wary because the class didn't seem to be super structured but after attending my second class I realized that was the beauty of it.  Claudine was acting as a guide for our own personal practice.  I then booked a unlimited month because I couldn't get enough! She is one of the few teachers in Richmond that I have felt genuinely care about my yoga practice and me as a person. I highly recommend Lucid Yogi to everyone and I hope you come to a class soon!"

-Rachel W.

"This yoga studio is a gift to our neighborhood. The teacher is so knowledgeable and the atmosphere is open and friendly. Nothing intimidating-- I've felt so comfortable beginning a consistent practice here. ❤"
-Sara W.

"Sunday night is Candlelight Yin. Beautiful, grounding, and inspiring, it is a wonderful way to start your week. Claudine is so sweet and full of wisdom and good vibes."

-Anna Meshejian