Coaching a PERSONALIZED YOGA practice ​

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self

In order to maximize the potential of your progress and development during the Coaching process, I use a diversity of tools to help you achieve optimal wellness. Among the tools I make available to you are, yoga, mindfulness meditation, creative visualizations, and stress management. You will learn a personalized and comprehensive yoga sequence which I tailor to your specific needs and constitution, so you can continue to practice at home, at work, or when you travel. You will learn to manage your stress, mindfulness techniques, and yoga meditation.  See yourself thrive, gain energy, focus, and improve your concentration. Develop deeper levels of intuition and the amazing creative potential that is, authentically, at your core.

Advanced Yoga NIDRA

Yoga Nidra brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity. Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation, leading awareness through the layers of mind, to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Meaning “Yogic Sleep” Nidra is a deeply healing practice, taking us to a state of profound, conscious relaxation, bringing much relief and healing. You will be guided through the practice helping you restore in body, mind, and spirit. This class is offered as part of the Coaching program. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation allows us to tap into into our full creative and vital potential, our pure and infinite consciousness. Learn the techniques and develop the skills to sharpen your focus and direct concentration.